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Region Summary Deadline
Asia Machines provide hot drinks and snacks in the building of Al Ain City Municipality and the branches of foreign 3rd November, 2014
Europe Support Services For Air Transport 28th October, 2014
Europe Lot number 1 - Video gastroscope with Video center; Lot number 2 - the vacuum pump for the treatment of wounds; Lot number 3 - Centrifuges, Thermostats; Lot number 4 -elektrodermatom 18th November, 2014
Asia Centrifuge Of Capillary Pressure 12th December, 2014
Europe Special-Purpose Road Passenger-Transport Services 28th October, 2014
Africa Supply: cash registers machine. 27th October, 2014
Europe Performing aircraft flight (West Watch) for the needs of JSC "TRC 7th December, 2014
Asia Supply, Handling, Transport And Delivery Of Livestock 10th November, 2014
Europe Air Transport Services 29th October, 2014
Asia Loading, transport and unloading of 000/550 tons of sulfur granules sulfur storage and outdoor storage vessel at the port pars 30th October, 2014
Asia Supply And Delivery Of Local Transport: 1Mbps 10th November, 2014
Asia 1,453,050 disciplines - Genetic Engineering and Environmental Protection public tenders for government procurement projects 30th October, 2014
Americas Automated Medication Dispensing System And Related Services 18th November, 2014
Asia Beijing Information Science and Technology to promote the comprehensive reform of personnel training project - based on Internet of Things cloud self-service operation support system 6th November, 2014
Asia Governance Service Of Boat And Marine Operations At Mahshahr Export Port 6th December, 2014

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