Region Summary Deadline
Southern Asia E-Tender Notice for supply of materials (Brake Pad for LHB One LH One RH) Participation in tender through web portal of 31 October 2014
South-Eastern Asia Provision And Operation Of Vending Machines In Sembawang Secondary School For The Period From 01 Jan 2015 To 31 Dec 2015, With Option To Extend Till 31 Dec 2016 17 November 2014
Northern America Olds College Vending Machines 29 October 2014
Southern Europe Vending Machines 16 January 2015
Northern America Town Of Okotoks - Healthy Vending Machine 31 October 2014
South-Eastern Asia Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of Refrigerated Floor Centrifuge 31 October 2014
South America Acquisition of refrigerated centrifuge for processing of blood components 29 October 2014
Northern America Automated medication dispensing system and related Services 18 November 2014
Northern America For a lease concession to install and operate vending machines at various locations, county of hawaii 19 November 2014
Northern America RISO- Coffee & Juice w/Dispensers 27 October 2014
Northern America Town of Okotoks - Healthy Vending Machine 31 October 2014
Eastern Europe Lot number 1 - Video gastroscope with Video center; Lot number 2 - the vacuum pump for the treatment of wounds; Lot number 3 - Centrifuges, Thermostats; Lot number 4 -elektrodermatom 18 November 2014
Southern Africa Supply: cash registers machine. 27 October 2014
Eastern Asia Centrifuge Of Capillary Pressure 12 December 2014
Western Asia Machines provide hot drinks and snacks in the building of Al Ain City Municipality and the branches of foreign 3 November 2014

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